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FFXV:Quest template tutorial


add a quest

The Gamer Escape templates are constructed to be as user-friendly as possible, but because of some software limitations there are sometimes some unintuitive fields.

The quest template is used for all quests, whether main quests or sidequests.

We've placed the entire item template below and explain each line, explaining what it's for and what data you can enter for it. The template lines are located in the boxes surrounded by the dashed line with the description for it underneath.

Unless otherwise indicated, you do not need to use any wiki coding (i.e. brackets).

|Name = 

The name of the quest you are adding.

|Chapter =

If applicable, the chapter of the game that quest you are adding is within.

The level of the quest.
|Previous = 

Prerequisite quests. Quests that must be completed in order to unlock this quest.

|Next  =  

Quests unlocked by completing this quest.

|Objectives = 

Add each objective as shown on screen, each preceded by an asterisk.


Add the description of the quest as it appears in your quest diary.

|EXP = 

The amount of experience points received on completing the quest. Add this as a raw number (without commas).

|Reward = 
|RewardCount = 

Items received on completing the quest, and, if necessary, the number received. If necessary add Reward2, Reward2Count, etc.

|Client =    

The NPC who offers the quest.

|NPCs Involved = 

List all NPCs involved in the quest (other that the quest starter), separated by commas.

|Mobs Involved = 

List all Mobs involved in the quest, separated by commas.

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