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FFXV:NPC template tutorial


add an NPC

The Gamer Escape templates are constructed to be as user-friendly as possible, but because of some software limitations there are sometimes some unintuitive fields.

The quest template is used for all NPCs.

We've placed the entire item template below and explain each line, explaining what it's for and what data you can enter for it. The template lines are located in the boxes surrounded by the dashed line with the description for it underneath.

Unless otherwise indicated, you do not need to use any wiki coding (i.e. brackets).

|Name = 

The first name, or commonly used nickname, of the NPC you are adding.

|Full Name= 
The full name of the NPC you are adding
|Summary = 
A short, few sentence, summary of the NPC and his/her role in the game.
A longer, full biography of the NPCs lore.
Items sold by the NPC. Should use the {{Sells}} template, for example:

{{Sells|Weathered Workboots|552}}

For static NPCs, the location where the NPC can be found.
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