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Broken cars are a sub-type of sidequest whereby the objective is to locate and aid a stranded motorist. Such quests are triggered by speaking to the NPC next to the broken car and completed by providing them with a repair kit. A reserve of such items should be kept at all times, as there are 10 such quests in every region (totaling 30). While no single broken car provides a substantial sum of gil or EXP, they can be bundled with other quests in the same general vicinity to provide early and lucrative boosts to progression.
Name Lvl Chapter Type
Careless in a Car 1 9 Broken Car
Stranded on the Sand 1 2 Broken Car
Roadside Assistance 1 3 Broken Car
Broken-Down 2 1 Broken Car
Highway Helper 2 1 Broken Car
Automotive Agitation 2 9 Broken Car
Unlucky Driver 3 1 Broken Car
Car-mic Retribution 3 4 Broken Car
Waiting for Help 3 4 Broken Car
One Tune-Up Too Many 4 3 Broken Car
Wild Beasts on the Open Road 5 3 Broken Car
The Jolly Joyrider 5 3 Broken Car
Through a Rose-Tinted Windshield 6 9 Broken Car
I'm Late! 7 5 Broken Car
Hurrying Home 7 9 Broken Car
Tune-up, Shmune-up 8 9 Broken Car
Shoulda Been Serviced 8 6 Broken Car
The Perpetual Passenger 9 9 Broken Car
That Brand-new Car Smell 9 5 Broken Car
New to the Road 10 3 Broken Car
Dude, Where's My Car? 12 6 Broken Car
Big Head Behind the Wheel 13 6 Broken Car
Pedal to the Metal 15 9 Broken Car
Keep Calm and Keep Driving 16 8 Broken Car
Alone on the Road 20 9 Broken Car
A Driver in Despair 22 6 Broken Car
Vehicle Vexation 23 6 Broken Car
A Manic Motorist 25 9 Broken Car
Oh My Grease-Monkey Goddess! 27 6 Broken Car
My Beloved Chariot 30 Broken Car
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